About our Products

Turning is only a small part of the process that creates your unique piece. The majority of timber used is sourced within Norfolk and Suffolk, from bona fide timber merchants. After the tree has been cut into planks, it is then air-dried for a period of one year for each inch of thickness. Alternatively, I part-turn large bowls to approximate shape and depth with an overall wall thickness of one inch. These can then be dried in the wood store until the moisture content has reduced to 10-12%, before finally turning to a finished product.

Depending on whether it has had a wax, oil or melamine lacquer finish, each piece you buy will come with its own care leaflet but things to bear in mind when choosing where you will place your product:-

Please do not place directly near open fires or on top of radiators.
To keep it in good condition, your product should not be placed in full sun or near windows
Definitely don’t put these wooden items in the dishwasher or submerge them in water.